Russia urges U.S. to work jointly

Russia urges U.S. to work jointly

The sanctions the U.S. imposed against Russia’s Eurofinance Mosnarbank for working with Venezuela are illegitimate, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a commentary.

"Once again Washington decided to use sanctions, this time by blacklisting a Russian bank, which gives the Venezuelan government the opportunity to work normally with foreign partners. Moreover, calling Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro "illegitimate" leader, the United States not only forgets the fact that he is a nationally elected president of a sovereign state, but also the illegitimacy of decisions on sanctions taken outside the framework of the UN Security Council," the statement reads.

"We are calling on the U.S. to come to its senses and instead of sanctioning foreign companies and banks to finally start a normal joint work under the United Nations’ auspices on contributing to stabilizing the situation in Venezuela based on the principles of international law," TASS cited the ministry as saying.