Russian-Style 'Tesla Cybertruck' offered for sale in Moscow

Russian-Style 'Tesla Cybertruck' offered for sale in Moscow

A copy of Tesla's Cybertruck copy was first spotted in Moscow last week, as the vehicle blended with traffic on one of the highways in the Russian capital.

A Russian-made copy of the yet-to-be-produced Tesla Cybertruck has been offered for sale via the portal, Russia's 360 broadcaster reported on Twitter.

According to the ad, the ​cost of the whimsical vehicle stands at an ominous 666,666 roubles ($10,810).

A Russian second-hand VAS-2019 served as the basis for the oddly-shaped copy of Elon Musk's creation. The creator of the car confessed earlier in December that the production of the copy cost him some 80,000 roubles ($1,297).

Musk presented his futuristic Cybertruck on November in Los Angeles.


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