Russian hospitality starts from North Caucasus

Russian hospitality starts from North Caucasus

The implementation of Russian hospitality program, developed by Rosturism, will begin in the republics of the North Caucasus Federal District, Deputy Chairman of Rosturism's Public Council Dmitry Davydenko said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

"The Public Council under Rosturism has developed a program of Russian hospitality, the so-called "Russian Friendly", in accordance with instructions of our Prime Minister. The first region where it will be implemented - the North Caucasus republics, subjects of the North Caucasus Federal District," he noted.

Explaining the reasons for choosing this particular federal district as the launching platform for this program, he pointed out that North Caucasus has always been an attractive place for tourists. "Especially now, when there are so many new complexes in Chechnya and a huge tourist flow in Dagestan. North Caucasus has always attracted tourists, and I think that this trend will continue," he said.

"Foreigners visit health resorts in Stavropol Territory. A lot of people come from neighboring republics - Azerbaijan and Armenia. This is a traditional tourism market for them. Of course, Azerbaijan and Armenia are interesting for our tourists, so we have a huge tourists exchange with these countries, there are direct flights to Baku to Yerevan," he stressed.

He also said that the Public Council under Rosturism opposed the introduction of resort fee. "The thing is that it can be introduced only after the entire tourism business becomes transparent. Right now money distribution system is not clear: we don't know who collects them and how much. I think the resort fee won't last for too long in its current form," Dmitry Davydenko concluded.