Russian lawmaker slam US sanctions against Turkey

Russian lawmaker slam US sanctions against Turkey

Deputy head of the International Committee of the State Duma Alexey Chepa criticized a U.S. move to impose sanctions on two Turkish Cabinet members as "counterproductive and destructive".

"Every day we hear some news that the U.S. either impose sanctions or announces a trade war against those who do not want to act as the U.S. wants," Anadolu Agency cited him as saying.

"At the same time the U.S. sticks with some politicians and organizations which are notorious for human rights violations but ready to do everything Washington tells them," Chepa stressed.

On Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the U.S. would impose sanctions on Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, and Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul for not releasing American Pastor Andrew Craig Brunson, who faces terrorism charges in Turkey. Sanders said the U.S. would block "any property, or interest in property of the two ministers".


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