Russian parliament urges to punish terrorists

Russian parliament urges to punish terrorists

The State Duma, the Federation Council and members of civic society have come out with an initiative to introduce stiffer penalties for supporting terrorism and to cooperate with all states and international organizations that are willing to contribute to the fight against terrorism. This is stated in the draft decision of the joint meeting of the Federation Council and the State Duma.

The attacks in Paris on November 13, as well as the bomb explosion on board the Russian A321 aircraft over the Sinai peninsula, have forced all countries to reflect on the need for tougher national legislation and a joint fight against terrorism.

The meeting, in addition to the senators and deputies, will be attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations, religious denominations. The representatives of the meeting expressed their sincere condolences to all victims of terrorist attacks.

Participants of the meeting expressed support for decisive action by the President of the Russian Federation to counter the terrorist threat in Russia and abroad, including the military operation in Syria, and found it necessary to recognize the proposal of the President, the Russian army's Supreme Commander-in-Chief, to use Article 51 of the UN Charter, according to which the State has the right to self-defense, as legitimate and reasonable.

The joint meeting also came up with an initiative to "toughen criminal liability for terrorism and aiding it, including recruitment, propaganda, financing and any other support for terrorist groups"; to take more stringent measures to ensure the security of citizens during mass events, on transport and other public places, considering it as the most important priority.
"A reliable barrier against the penetration of extremists into Russia must be put on the borders of the state," the Parliament said.

Broad international cooperation must be developed with all countries, without exception, and with organizations and structures ready for such cooperation, as well as to contribute in every way.


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