Russian ship sinks after collision near Turkey's Bosphorus

Russian ship sinks after collision near Turkey's Bosphorus

The Russian Black Sea Fleet's research vessel Liman sank in the sea after it collided with another ship, with the vessel’s entire crew rescued, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

"The ship Liman sank from holes below the waterline. All the crew members of the Black Sea Fleet’s research vessel Liman are safe and sound and are preparing for evacuation from a Turkish rescue vessel to a Russian ship," the Defense Ministry said.

The Russian sailors have been taken onboard two motor boats of the Turkish Coast Guard.

"By the moment, all Russian sailors, 78 people, whose research ship collided with a cargo vessel in the Black Sea, have been rescued. No one is dead or missing," TASS cited Turkey’s coastal security official as saying.

The Togo-flagged Youzarsif-H, which was carrying livestock, was not damaged in the incident and the crew did not request assistance.

The collision occurred 18 nautical miles to the north of Turkey’s coast in the area of Kilyos, near the Bosphorus Strait. The incident may have been caused by poor visibility due to the fog.