Rustaveli Avenue closed by Tbilisi protesters

Rustaveli Avenue closed by Tbilisi protesters

Hundreds of people gathered again in the Georgian capital for a fourth night of antigovernment rallies yesterday.

On June 3, the leader of the protest movement, Zaza Saralidze, appeared and vowed to stand by the protesters' side, as he said they have stood by his.

In a short speech, he said that his demands remain the same, RFE/RL reported.

Rustaveli Avenue, the city's main thoroughfare, remained closed and thronged with people late on June 3.

The demonstrations began on May 31 as a protest against the verdict in the trial of two young men suspected of killing Saralidze’s teenage son.

Protesters originally called on chief prosecutor Irakli Shotadze to step down, but after Shotadze resigned, demonstrators increased their demands for the entire government to quit.

Earlier on June 3, the crowd had turned in unison to face a line of some 100 police officers and began to push out onto Rustaveli Avenue. The crowd eventually blocked the street.

Small scuffles broke out between police and some protesters, our correspondent reported from the Georgian capital. No arrests were reported.


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