Ryabkov: Russia doubts full U.S. withdrawal from Syria

Ryabkov: Russia doubts full U.S. withdrawal from Syria

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said it was hard to believe that the United States would pull out of Syria completely under the current circumstances, given the strong position of those who support the continued U.S. military presence in the Arab Republic.

"I believe the positions of those who want to maintain U.S. military presence in Syria — illegal, breaching the international law — are quite strong in Washington," he stressed.

"I cannot imagine that the United States will fully and indisputably leave Syria in terms of physical military presence in the current situation where Washington is locked in unstoppable contest for world domination and driven to be present everywhere and resolve issues only on its own conditions," Sputnik cited Ryabkov as saying.

The diplomat added that the contacts on Syria between Russia and the United States do not stop even if they are not always announced.