Saakashvili faces deportation from Ukraine in coming weeks - source

 Saakashvili faces deportation from Ukraine in coming weeks - source

Ukrainian authorities decided to forcefully remove Georgia’s ex-president and former Ukrainian regional governor, Mikheil Saakashvili, from the country, a source close to Ukraine’s Security Service said.

The special operation will reportedly involve several law enforcement agencies and will be carried out ahead of New Year celebrations to minimize public attention. The local outlet said that the Ukrainian Security Service had refused to comment on further details or allegations.

In October, former governor of Odessa region presented his own makeshift "great plan" for the swift political rescue of Ukraine, using the building of the country's parliament as an improvised projector screen.

Ukraine accuses the 49-year-old politician of lying on his citizenship application. He will reportedly be expelled back to Poland, while Georgia is seeking his extradition for abuse of power and corruption charges.

The former Georgian president was appointed the Odessa Region's governor in May 2015 and stripped of Georgian citizenship upon receiving his Ukrainian passport. He resigned in November 2016, accusing Ukrainian officials of a lack of interest in the fight against corruption. Later, Saakashvili was stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship by President Petro Poroshenko on the pretext of violating the country's law.