Sari Gelin project presented in Baku

Sari Gelin project presented in Baku

Drama Theater of Baku hosted a theatrical staging of one of the most ancient folk songs of Azerbaijan - Sari Gelin (literally "Yellow" or "Golden-Haired" Bride). The evening and the project was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the country.

This event is very important for Azerbaijan, since it is first attempt to link this folk song with historical facts, associated with medieval Azerbaijan. 

According to the authors, this song is known in the area of residence of ancient Turkic Oguz tribes, which is not surprising, since they played a major role in the ethnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people.

In this theatrical staging, one of the heroes of Oguz tribe - a young man named Hagan, falls in love with Greek princess Flavian (translated as Sari) and kidnaps her. But Flavian's father wanted his daughter to marry Greek general named Lakabos, which eventually led to a war between the army of Lakabos and Oguz tribe. Since she cannot endure such cruelty of her father, the girl throws herself into the river, but Hagan and Oghuz warriors manage to defeat Lakabos' army and then save the bride.

The authors came to conclusion that thanks to this song, another wonderful example of Azerbaijani folklore was created - Apardı sellər Saranı song. So the authors want to prove that both songs - Apardı sellər Saranı and Sarı Gəlin, are about the same girl. In addition, historians come to a logical conclusion that Greek beauty Sari actually existed in the history of Azerbaijan and had a great influence in state affairs during the reign of Ak Koyunlu, an Oguz tribe that ruled over a vast area, which included modern Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Armenia and Syria. At that time, many of their leaders took Byzantine princesses as wifes, including well-known representative of Uzun Hassan dynasty.

Happy end of this story left the audience with very pleasant emotions, which can be seen in standing ovation. Youth and Sports Minister Azad Rahimov could not hide his satisfaction. In an exclusive interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, he said that the story, which caused a lot of debates, was staged for the first time. "We are happy because it is very important for us to show our history to young people and future generations, and it is important for the understanding of our past. We have a very rich history and we tried to show it," he said.

Around 150 actors were involved in this event. Guests of the evening also could look at ancient examples of Azerbaijani instruments, clothes and carpets.