Saudi Arabia hosts car show for women

Saudi Arabia hosts car show for women

The first women’s car exhibition in the Saudi capital of Riyadh marks the latest stage in preparations for the day when women can take to the wheels for the first time in the kingdom.

The three-day exhibition allowed women to see the high-end cars on display, interact with dealers and insurance company representatives, and learn about special offers.

Organisers reported women enthusiastically discussed with their relatives and companions what cars would suit them best as they spent time on simulators to get a feel for the experience they expect to have starting June 24, when they will be allowed to drive, Gulf News reported.

At least 80,000 visitors are expected at the exhibition, which opened on May 14. Support given by state entities showed official commitment to ensuring success of the much-anticipated move. In September, Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz issued an order to allow women to obtain driving licences and to drive in the kingdom.