Saudi Arabia starts exploration of uranium - media

 Saudi Arabia starts exploration of uranium - media

Saudi Arabia has started exploring the country's uranium deposits within a program of developing alternative sources of energy, the head of the kingdom's geological administration, Zahir Nawab, said.

"King Abdullah University of Science and Technology together with Chinese scientists have begun the exploration and the valuation of uranium and thorium deposits in the country's northern region of Ha'il," the Saudi al-Okaz newspaper cited the official as saying.

Nawab noted that the project is being carried out at the order of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, involving China's National Nuclear Corporation within an agreement signed earlier this March during the Saudi king's visit to the country.

He stressed that the kingdom won't use the resources to fulfill its military aims, the official added.

Back in 2015 the Crown Prince announced a plan for the country's economic development until 2030, stipulating the cessation of oil dependence.


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