Saudi footballer might go to jail for dabbing (VIDEO)

Saudi footballer might go to jail for dabbing (VIDEO)

Footage of a professional footballer for the Saudi Arabian club Al Nojoom dabbing during a match has been met with anger from some social media users.

The clip, shared by Saudi sports broadcaster Dawri Plus, shows the player refusing a high-five and dabbing instead. The commentator can be heard saying, "No, no, no".

Dabbing has been the subject of controversy in Saudi Arabia and is strictly forbidden by the authorities because of its perceived link to drug use.

It is not yet known if the player will face legal action over the footage, however last year a singer was arrested after a video showing him dabbing on stage emerged online, BBC reported.

The movement, which involves a person tucking their head into the crook of their arm, is thought to have originated in the hip-hop scene of Atlanta, Georgia, US in 2014.