Sberbank CEO: Russia-US relations become 'paranoid'

 Sberbank CEO: Russia-US relations become 'paranoid'

Contacts between Russia and the United States have become extremely paranoid of one another, the chief executive of Russia's largest bank German Gref said.

"From what we see here in Russia and from the programs we see from the US, the unfolding situation is fairly complex. And there are certain signs of a certain paranoid attitude to Russia and to every single contact with Russia real or imagined," CNBC cited Sberbank CEO as saying.

When asked whether Gref harbored any concerns about the consequences of having met with Trump in the past, he replied, "I think the situation has become extremely paranoid for one to suspect that these sort of contacts could lead to political consequences."

Gref suggested it was still too early to judge the success of Trump's presidency however conceded that, for the time-being at least, relations between Russia and the US were unlikely to change for the better.


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