Second day of Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships starts in Baku

Second day of Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships starts in Baku

The second day of the 35th Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships has kicked off in the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku.

Today, qualifications of senior gymnasts in the individual program of exercises with a hoop and a ball will start at 11:00 (Moscow time).

Azerbaijan today will be represented by Zohra Agamirova and Veronika Hudis. Rusia will be represented by Alexandra Soldatova, Arina Averina and Dina Averina (Ekaterina Selezneva in reserve).

On May 18, qualifications will be held in the individual program of exercises with clubs and ribbon, as well as the performance of group teams in the exercises with five ribbons. On the same day, the names of the winners in the team competition will be announced (according to the overall estimates of senior and junior gymnasts performing in the group exercise program) and in the all-around group exercises.

In the finals, which will be held on Sunday, the names of the winners and prize-winners of the championship in the individual exercise program on separate apparatuses and among the teams in the group exercises (five hoops and five ribbons) will be announced. Strongest gymnasts will be awarded at the SmartScoring Shooting Star Award ceremony. A gala concert and the official closing ceremony are to follow.

Yesterday, the juniors performed in group exercises with five hoops. The best result - 23.7 points - was shown by the Russian gymnasts. The teams from Belarus (23.1 points), Italy (23.05 points) were second and third. Azerbaijan’s team with a score of 21.650 points has also reached the finals. 

Baku is hosting the 35th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics at the National Gymnastics Arena. Athletes from 35 countries are taking part in the championships. During the four-day championships, senior female gymnasts will perform in the individual program, while junior gymnasts will participate in the group exercise program. In total, the gymnasts will compete for 8 medal sets.


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