Social workers go on strike in Georgia

Social workers go on strike in Georgia

A large-scale strike of Georgia’s social workers has been underway since the morning across the country.

Protesters demand better working conditions in and more efficient and timely services from Georgia's Social Service Agency for the individuals it is responsible for.

The Open Society Georgia Foundation has expressed support for the workers and states that their demands serve to improve the social protection system in Georgia.

According to the foundation, the working conditions of those working in the system are especially alarming. It added that the government is obliged to ensure safe and proper working conditions for them. It calls upon the government and parliament to take the social workers’ demands into consideration, reported.

The social workers announced the strike after a five-hour meeting at the Health Ministry on March 20. The protesters and Health Ministry agreed to only two demands out of a total of 22.

Social workers are protesting in Tbilisi, Batumi, Telavi, Kutaisi and other cities.