Stress does make hair turn grey - scientists

Stress does make hair turn grey - scientists

Scientists have proven that extreme stress really can make the hair turn grey, by turning-off the pigment-regenerating stem cells which colour follicles.

When the French queen Marie Antoinette was seized during the French Revolution, her hair reportedly turned white overnight. 

Researchers behind the study, published in Nature, from the Universities of Sao Paulo and Harvard, believed the effects were linked to melanocyte stem cells, which produce melanin and are responsible for hair and skin colour.

And while carrying out experiments on mice, they stumbled across evidence this was the case.

Pain in mice triggered the release of adrenaline and cortisol, making their hearts beat faster and blood pressure rise, affecting the nervous system and causing acute stress. This process then sped up the depletion of stem cells that produced melanin in hair follicles, BBC reported.