Suspect in violent killing of woman detained in Yerevan

Suspect in violent killing of woman detained in Yerevan

Armenia's Investigative Committee has filed a criminal case into the murder of a 28-year-old woman in Yerevan.

Yesterday at 5։35pm, a report was received from the ambulance service, according to which a young woman’s body - with traces of violence and with stab wounds - was found in a house in Yerevan, the Investigative Committee said.

The investigative team that arrived at the scene discovered the dead body of a woman (1990) in the living room, and with multiple stab wounds on her body, as well as traces of a blood-like substance, fingerprints, two knives, and a trace of a blood-like substance on one of these knives.

A criminal case was initiated on the same day. As a result of the preliminary investigation, information was ascertained with respect to the identity of the person who had committed this alleged offense. Accordingly, this person is a resident of Abovyan town, and was born in 1980. The suspect has been detained, reported.

The preliminary investigation is in progress. Forensic examinations have been commissioned.


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