Svetlana Makshtarova: I like to perform in Baku

Svetlana Makshtarova: I like to perform in Baku

A house-performance at the international tournaments gives a completely unique experience, Azerbaijani gymnast Svetlana Makshtarova said today in the fields of the European Championships in Trampoline, Double Mini-Trampoline and Tumbling in an interview with a  correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

"I like to perform at home, it is a completely different atmosphere during the tournaments. There is pressure, because the responsibility is higher, but the support of the spectators is stronger than anywhere else, and the organization of the competitions by the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation is always at the highest level, " she noted.

Svetlana Makshtarova appreciated the mascot frogs that were introduced at the tournament. "Gur-gur helps perfectly to relieve stress, we constantly laugh when we see what he is doing in the arena. This is a very cool idea, I think, ”the Azerbaijani gymnast said.