Syrian Army liberates last major terrorists' resistance area in Central Syria

Syrian Army liberates last major terrorists' resistance area in Central Syria

The Syrian Arab Army backed by the Russian Air Forces has liberated the Uqayribat settlement east of Hama province, the Russian Defense Ministry stated on Saturday. By liberating this settlement the government forces destroyed the last major area where terrorists are putting up resistance in central Syria, Sputnik reports.

The Syrian armed forces and popular units backed by the Russian aerospace forces have liberated the strategically important city of Uqayribat in Hama province from Daesh terrorists. Russian jets destroyed strongholds and armored vehicles of terrorists, control posts and communication centers of Daesh fighters.

On August 25, the Russian Armed Forces' group commander in Syria Col. Gen. Sergei Surovikin said that the joint Russian-Syrian campaign to oust terrorists from Uqayribat was nearly complete, adding that the town's liberation would allow the Syrian government forces to set up a continuous safe zone west of the Salamiya-Khanasir highway and establish control over oil fields north of Palmyra.

"Due to the effective actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Syrian government troops continue to encircle Daesh terrorist group near Uqayribat town in Hama province," the statement read. The statement added that the Russian aircraft Su-34 and Su-35 had been destroying newly discovered targets of Daesh terrorists in a few minutes.


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