Syrian National Dialogue Congress participants arriving in Russia's Sochi

Syrian National Dialogue Congress participants arriving in Russia's Sochi

The bulk of the delegates to the January 3 Syrian National Dialogue Congress will arrive in the Russian city of Sochi on Monday.

According to the forum’s organizers, the first delegates from among internal opposition members from Damascus have already arrived in Sochi.

According to the organizers of the congress, about 1600 delegates representing all strata of Syrian society have been invited to take part in the event. Most delegates - over 1300 - are from Syria. Among them are opposition members from the People’s Council of Syria, representatives of major political parties (the Ba’ath Party, the National Progressive Front, the Communist Party), prominent religious figures from all confessions, representatives of tribes, trade unions, and ethnic minorities.

A special group of participants from Syria is represented by members of the armed groups, which have joined the reconciliation process. There are about 230 units that have laid down their arms, TASS reported.

The external opposition will be presented at the congress as well, more than 300 participants are expected to take part in the Sochi event. Among them are delegates from the Moscow Platform Qadri Jamil, Randa Kassis from the Astana platform, members of Syria’s Tomorrow movement led by Ahmad Jarba and Haytham Manna from the Syrian National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change.


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