Tel Aviv honors memory of victims of Khojaly tragedy

Tel Aviv honors memory of victims of Khojaly tragedy

Today, the Sokolov House of Journalists in Tel Aviv hosted a presentation of the book titled "Black Snowdrops", which took the prize of the international TEAS-2017 literary contest, held in London in memory of the events in Khojaly.

The authors of "Black snowdrops”, a screenwriter Yefim Abramov, living in Israel, and the member of the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic, the poetess Leyla Begim, who delivered speeches at the ceremony, told us that the horrors of that terrible night and the fate of the innocent victims of Khojaly could not leave them indifferent. The story is written in memory of the victims of this tragedy, in memory of many thousands of innocent victims of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, AzizNEWS reports.

The presentation was attended by the members of Knesset, Robert Ilatov and Constantine Razvozov, the member of Milli Majilis, Fuad Muradov, the director general of Caspian Driling Company, Farid Akhundov, and the director of Caspian Driling Company (Israel), Vladimir Shlimak, the representatives of the Israeli diplomatic corps, the heads of municipalities and public organizations, press, as well as immigrants from Azerbaijan, who came from all over Israel.

The Chairman of the Israel-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary group, MK Robert Ilatov condemned the inhumane actions of the Armenian nationalists in Khojaly, who killed hundreds of innocent people. Thousands of people were left homeless, dozens have gone missing.

Addressing the audience, MK Konstantin Razvozov told that he is deeply saddened with the fact, that innocent Azerbaijanis were killed and expelled  from their homes. He urged the public not to forget about such crimes against humanity, so that they shall not be repeated.

The chairman of the Youth and Sports Committee in Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan, Fuad Muradov, who specially arrived from Baku, thanked the event organizers - the Centre of immigrants from Azerbaijan, Aziz, for their sensitivity to the history and current uneasy geopolitical position of Azerbaijan. The MP told, how the authorities of Azerbaijan have been taking care of refugees and IDPs for 25 years, and are doing everything possible for the peaceful resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The ceremony was followed by a literary-musical part. The People's artist of Azerbaijan, laureate of the  State Prize, Dina Tumarkina read expressively the excerpts from the novel ‘Black Snowdrops’. The chorus of the town of Kiryat Bialik played the musical composition about the Holocaust, dedicating it to the events in Khojaly.  The Azerbaijani folk music was performed by a clarinetist Vugar Sultanov.

The ceremony was closed with the anthems of Israel and Azerbaijan.