Terrorist shooting in Florida?

Terrorist shooting in Florida?

A shooting Sunday during a gaming event at a popular shopping center in Jacksonville, Florida, killed two people and wounded several others before the gunman killed himself, investigators confirmed.

The gunfire was heard around 1 p.m. ET at a video gaming event held at The Jacksonville Landing, Madden NFL Championship Series. In addition to the two killed in the attack, 11 people were injured, 9 of them with gunshot wounds, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said at a news conference.

Williams said the gunman was believed to be 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore, who was in Florida for the gaming tournament. Law enforcement sources earlier said 4 people were killed before the sheriff revised the number to 3

The incident is being investigated as a criminal act, and not an act of terrorism, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Fox News reported.

While the sheriff's office has taken the lead on the case, the FBI's Jacksonville office has deployed personnel to assist local law enforcement in their investigation.

One witness at the gaming event said that someone who was competing in the tournament lost and was upset. A previous account from the witness stated the suspect "went crazy and started shooting up the room," but later clarified that in events like this, "There are multiple guys who are upset or are saying things are like, 'BS,' if you will."

Police have not confirmed a possible motive.

The gamer said he had gone outside of the building to make a phone call when the shots rang out. He said he saw people fighting to get out of the place, and he started running from the area.