Theresa May faces no confidence vote?

 Theresa May faces no confidence vote?

UK Prime Minister Theresa May could face a vote of no confidence shortly, as sources claim the 1922 committee have received the 48 letters they need to trigger a leadership challenge.

A vote of no confidence in Theresa May is now more than “likely”, as sources are claiming 48 letters have now been submitted. 

The editor of Brexit Central cited a single source, saying the 48 letters from Conservative lawmakers needed to trigger a leadership challenge have been received by the chairman of the 1922 Committee, Graham Brady. Sky News sources have said all government whips have been summoned to London.

A leadership challenge is triggered if 48 Conservatives write letters to the chairman of the 1922 committee, formally known as the Conservative Private Members’ Committee.

These are the lawmakers who have revealed publicly they have submitted letters to the 1922 committee, although other lawmakers will have sent letters privately, the Express reported.