Theresa May hit by 'no confidence' letter over Brexit

Theresa May hit by 'no confidence' letter over Brexit

Tory MP Philip Davies has submitted a letter of no confidence in British Prime Minister Theresa May to the chair of the backbench 1922 Committee, saying he has “lost trust” in her ability to deliver the EU referendum result.

In correspondence with his constituents, the MP said the prime minister’s Chequers plan for Brexit is “unacceptable” and failure to deliver Brexit could end with Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister.

"This has not been an easy decision and I have agonised over it, but I know in my heart of hearts it is the right decision," the Independent cited Davies as saying. "I have to say that have lost trust in her to deliver the referendum result too".

For a no confidence vote to be triggered, 48 letters from Conservative MPs – 15% of the parliamentary party – have to submit letters to the chairman Graham Brady.

If a vote is triggered, the prime minister would need to win the votes of more than half of the Tories’ 316 MPs to survive.

Defeat for the Prime Minister would mean an election to choose a new leader, in which she would not be allowed to stand. But if she won a confidence vote, she could not be challenged in this way again for another year.