Theresa May reminds Trump of Russian aggression

Theresa May reminds Trump of Russian aggression

British Prime Minister Theresa May underlined the importance of Britain and the United States standing up together against Russian aggression at a black-tie dinner for US President Donald Trump.

May told guests, from some of the two nations' largest businesses, that the US and Britain were "not just the closest of allies, but the dearest of friends".

"Today, that friendship manifests itself in many ways, as was the case in Churchill’s time, and, in many years before and since, it’s there in our joint efforts to protect our shared security – whether through targeting ISIS terrorists or standing up to Russian aggression," the Telegraph cited her as saying.

May told Trump: "Mr President, Sir Winston Churchill once said that 'to have the United States at our side was, to me, the greatest joy. The spirit of friendship and co-operation between our countries, our leaders and our people, that most special of relationships, has a long and proud history."

"Now, for the benefit of all our people, let us work together to build a more prosperous future," the British PM stressed.

Noting that more than one million Americans already work for British-owned firms, she told Trump: "As we prepare to leave the European Union, we have an unprecedented opportunity to do more."

"It's an opportunity to reach a free trade agreement that creates jobs and growth here in the UK and right across the United States. It's also an opportunity to tear down the bureaucratic barriers that frustrate business leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. And it's an opportunity to shape the future of the world through co-operation in advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence," the Pm noted.

She also highlighted the importance of trans-Atlantic business links to a president who has sometimes seemed more interested in forging new links with former adversaries around the world than nurturing long-standing partnerships.