Trump "raised arm" to sign sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Trump "raised arm" to sign sanctions against Nord Stream 2

U.S. President Donald Trump plans to put his signature on the 2020 defense appropriations bill before a midnight Friday deadline, according to senior administration officials. 

The bill includes punitive sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and the Turkish Stream gas pipelines, Politico reported.

On December 17. the U.S. Congress passed a defence spending bill that included sanctions on companies involved in Nord Stream 2, threatening to punish contractors who are helping to build the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will provide Germany with natural gas, delivered from Russia via the Baltic Sea.

Pending White House approval, companies working on the Nord Stream 2 would have 30 days to stop their operations, with individuals identified as involved in the project facing the threat of having their US visas revoked and property blocked.