Trump says golden era of American energy is underway

Trump says golden era of American energy is underway

U.S. President Donald Trump promoted a "golden era" of the U.S. energy business by seeking to assert power abroad through a boost in natural gas, coal and petroleum exports.

In what he called a policy of "energy dominance," Trump re-branded efforts to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to markets in Eastern Europe and Asia that had been set in motion during the previous presidential administration.

The United States also will offer to export coal to Ukraine, Reuters reported.

"We are here today to unleash a new American energy policy," Trump said at an event at the Department of Energy attended by oil and coal executives and union members who build pipelines. "We will export American energy all around the world."

As the United States aims to boost LNG exports, it will compete for markets with Australia, Qatar and Russia, other major gas producers.


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