Trump vs Clinton: who beats whom?

Trump vs Clinton: who beats whom?

The US Democratic and Republican parties officially nominated their candidates, who became the contenders for the presidency.

The former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton secured 2383 delegates needed to win the party's nomination at the Congress of the Democratic Party in Philadelphia and became the first female presidential nominee.

It is worth noting that Clinton’s nomination is a formality, she has already won 2800 delegates during the primaries in February and June, scoring a decisive victory over her main rival Bernie Sanders.

According to the US tradition, on Thursday, Hillary Clinton will formally accept the nomination, which will be the finale on the Convention.

The Republican Party held its Convention and nominated a billionaire and media tycoon Donald Trump. He has won 1604 delegates, while his rival Ted Cruz received only 400 votes. A candidate needs a simple majority of 1237 votes to become the Republican nominee.

The US presidential elections are scheduled for November 8.

The Scientific Director of the Fund of Development and Support of the 'Valdai' International Discussion Club, the editor-in-chief of 'Russia in Global Affairs' magazine, Fyodor Lukyanov, told Vestnik Kavkaza that it is almost impossible to predict the election results now

"Under normal circumstances Trump cannot win. His behavior is very aggressive; he insults many people and social groups. From this point of view, he has no chance of winning. His target audience is so-called 'angry white men'," the expert explained.

But all this, according to him, belongs to the more or less standard election campaign. "The current campaign is clearly different from normal. Its main feature is that both candidates have huge distrust ratings. Trump is an extravagant and scandalous man; a lot of Americans does not like Hillary Clinton and even the Democratic Party supports her mainly from despair," Lukyanov said.

Another important feature of this election campaign, thanks to which Trump became so popular, is a total rejection of any type of establishment. "And in this sense, Trump has an advantage, because Hillary is the flesh and blood of the elite. Therefore, it is pointless to make forecasts. I have always thought that Hillary will win, but I cannot be sure," the editor of the magazine 'Russia in Global Affairs' explained.

At the same time, the expert said that neither Trump nor Clinton can help America today, and both are essentially unsuccessful candidates. "The absence of other candidates at such a difficult and decisive moment is a symptom of severe crisis of the US political system," he stressed.

The President of the National Strategy Institute, Mikhail Remizov, said that at the moment one can hardly say whom Americans prefer.

According to the expert, the key feature of the campaign is that there is a confrontation between the politicians with serious anti-ratings. "However, in Trump’s case, there is also quite an intense support rating. The quality of his support is higher from the motivational point of view than Clinton's support," the President of the National Strategy Institute explained.

Remizov expressed the opinion that Donald Trump could be a bright and strong president. "The hopes of the middle class are focused on him. He is tackling really painful issues, while using the protectionism policy in the economic and migration spheres," the expert noted.

According to him, Trump's position is significant not in just terms of solving the domestic problems of America, but because it might set a worldwide trend. "The United States is a trendsetter in various fields, the Trump phenomenon will influence the agenda of other countries, including Russia," the expert noted.

That is why, the President of the National Strategy Institute believes, Trump's victory would have been more beneficial to Russia. "His success will shift the global economic agenda towards protectionism, which is good for our development. In addition, Trump's victory will weaken the part of the Russian elite, which has traditionally focused on America," Mikhail Remizov added.