Turkey blasts Greek court ruling on fugitive soldiers

Turkey blasts Greek court ruling on fugitive soldiers

The Turkish Foreign Ministry protested Thursday a Greek court's decision not to "extradite the eight fugitive Turkish soldiers, which the Turkish government accuses of having links to the July 2016 foiled coup attempt," Anadolu agency reported.

"We are protesting this decision, which prevents these individuals […] from appearing before an independent Turkish court," the statement read.

These individuals, it added, "played an active role in the [July 15] coup attempt targeting the democratic order in Turkey, martyring our 248 citizens and security forces, injuring 2,193 citizens and making an attempt on our president's [Recep Tayyip Erdogan] life.

"The latest decision from Greek authorities, which have so far prevented the members of terrorist organizations targeting Turkey, especially the DHKP/C [an armed far-left group] and the PKK, from appearing before a court, has once again made it clear that Greece, as an ally and neighboring country, avoids to fulfill the basic requirements of the fight against terror and crimes," it added.


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