Turkey builds wall on Syrian border

 Turkey builds wall on Syrian border

Turkey has finished the construction of a 700-kilometer wall along its border with Syria to block terrorist infiltration into the country, Turkey's Defense Minister Fikri Işık said, adding a similar wall would be built on the border with Iran in the country’s east.

The minister said an “integrated protection” system would be installed along Turkey’s borders as part of security precautions. 

As part of the 'integrated security' system, lighting, a sensor system and cameras will be installed along the border, the defense minister said, adding that security would also be enhanced by the use of drones and broader surveillance. 

Noting that the security system would be put in practice at all borders in time, Işık said wall construction efforts had been started on the Iranian border by the Interior Ministry and that authorities had been considering a variety of options for the Iraqi border, Hurriyet Daily reported.

“While the physical border security systems are being built, we are also switching to a multiple system. It will be a system that integrates wall, road, lightening system, fiberoptic censors, cameras, balloons and drones,” Işık said, adding that the pilot implementation of the system would soon be implemented.

The minister said the remaining part of the wall on the Syrian border would be completed by the end of July. 


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