Turkey not to submit to 'impositions' from US in visa crisis

Turkey not to submit to 'impositions' from US in visa crisis

Turkey will not submit to “impositions” from the United States over an on-going visa crisis and will reject any conditions it cannot meet, the country's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said.

"We will cooperate if their demands meet the rules of our constitution but we will not succumb to impositions and we will reject any conditions that we cannot meet," Cavusoglu said, when asked about the report of requests from the U.S. delegation.

Washington first suspended visa services at its missions in Turkey, after Turkish authorities detained two Turkish nationals employed as U.S. consular staff. The U.S. delegation has asked Ankara for information and evidence regarding the detained staff, Reuters reported.

Haberturk said the U.S. delegation laid out four conditions to solve the visa crisis, including that Turkey must provide information about its investigations into the detained workers, and evidence related to DEA worker Metin Topuz.

The U.S. delegation told Ankara that if the contacts which Turkish authorities are seeking to investigate were undertaken on the instructions of the consulate, the employees should not have been arrested, Haberturk said.