Turkey's cargo ship sinking off Croatian coast

Turkey's cargo ship sinking off Croatian coast

A Turkish-flagged freighter began sinking in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Croatia's Jabuka Island, the Croatian Maritime, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry said.

All 13 crew members - 11 Turks and two Indians - were safely rescued with no injuries, Daily Sabah reported.

The ship, named "Haksa," began taking on water in the early morning on Sunday. Search and rescue vessels from Croatia and Italy responded to assist efforts to keep the ship afloat.

Responders are working to prevent pollution from the incident. The ship is carrying 3,000 tons of sinter magnesite and 70 tons of fuel and lubricant oil.

The captain of the ship and four other crew members initially stayed on board to help prevent the ship from sinking altogether while eight crew members were evacuated with the help of Italy's "Valcadorea" tanker and brought to the port of Split.


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