US threatens Turkey over S-400 missile deal with Russia

 US threatens Turkey over S-400 missile deal with Russia

The United States have given a stark warning to Turkey over the consequences they will face if they refuse to abandon the purchase of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia, according a source in Washington.

An unnamed American official voiced his concerns over Ankara’s purchase of Russian surface-to-air missile systems, Turkish newspaper Haberturk reported.

He explained that they could “negatively influence the interoperability of NATO” and assumed that Washington could impose sanctions in response to the recently adopted law.

“We want to help Turkey find a better alternative to meet its air defence needs,” Express cited the official as saying.

Earlier this month, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu spoke out against the threats aimed at the country’s purchase of the S-400.

In a press conference with American counterpart Rex Tillerson, he said: "We do not use and will not accept the language of threats. Yes, the US Congress adopted a law on anti-Russia sanctions, but we need to ensure our national security. We would like to purchase the means to ensure it from our allies. We spoke to not only Russia but with other countries, too."

The US State Department has previously threatened to apply “appropriate measures” against countries willing to buy Russia’s S-400 systems.