US uses ‘CIA spy’ saga as pretext to whip up tensions with Russia, says senior diplomat

US uses ‘CIA spy’ saga as pretext to whip up tensions with Russia, says senior diplomat

The report about a "CIA spy" Oleg Smolenkov allegedly working for the Kremlin served as another pretext for Washington to whip up mistrust in relations with Russia, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday, TASS reports.

"This is another attempt to exploit the 'Russian case' and the 'Russian motive' to whip up mistrust for us in the United States," Ryabkov said.

The senior diplomat has played down this report, saying that it did not deserve that kind of attention. "There were deliberations about an alleged link to the so-called Russian meddling in the US election. All this is misguided speculation," he stressed.

Ryabkov has not ruled out that other situations could flare up since the US presidential campaign will gain steam. "They will again search for some Russian 'traces,' some unclear Russian involvement or our complicity in something."

Meanwhile, Russia is only willing to put an end to the process of undermining the relations' foundations and emphasizes that it is important to take a pause, Ryabkov noted, advising those in the US who want sensations to calm down and switch their attention to something else.

The deputy foreign minister stressed that those Washington’s statements could not be called sensational because the US is wasting its time in idle chatter. "Everyone is tired of these 'Russian traces' of various unknown animals, why are they doing this?" he said.

"We will continue efforts towards stabilizing [our relations], no matter who is part of the US administration and the outcome of next year’s election. We have never meddled in any elections, we never had this in mind. It’s strange that Americans cannot understand this," Ryabkov concluded.