Vestnik Kavkaza photo presented at exhibition of 6th News Agencies World Congress

The photo by Vestnik Kavkaza of one of the moments of the opening ceremony of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, is one of the winners of the photo contest of the 6th News Agencies World Congress, which has opened yesterday in Sofia.

As the winner of the contest, the photo by Vestnik Kavkaza is presented at the exhibition titled 'Collection of Views', which has opened at the central square of Sofia on the eve of the main events of the Congress.

The Trend International Agency's photo is the winner of the contest among the photos of Azerbaijani news agencies. In total, 55 countries are presented at the exhibition, the photographs are divided into two categories: 'XXI century: religions are alive' and 'Art will save the world'.

The 6th News Agencies World Congress 'The Future of News' is being held in the capital of Bulgaria on June 13-15, organized by the Bulgarian News Agency. The panel discussions of the Congress will be held under the mottoes 'New sources of revenue', 'Fake news', 'Artificial Intelligence', and 'Ownership Models of News Agencies'. TASS and Vestnik Kavkaza news agencies are participating in the event from Russia.


Vestnik Kavkaza

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