Vladimir Krugly: our winged city celebrates its anniversary on the rise

Vladimir Krugly: our winged city celebrates its anniversary on the rise

The city of Orel [translated from Russian as ‘Eagle’] embodies a set of values, which are important for the people of Russia, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, a representative of the executive body of the Orel Region, senator Vladimir Krugly, told Vestnik Kavkaza.

According to him, in the first place, Orel is the city of military glory, the city of the first fireworks [dedicated to the Victory over Nazism in 1945]. Secondly, Orel is a literary page in the life of Russia. "Orel is associated with the names of great writers, the classics of the Russian literature of the late 19th - the early 20th centuries. Any Russian you ask will remember Ivan Turgenev, Afanasy Fet, Nikolai Leskov, Ivan Bunin," the senator said.

Thirdly, the politician said that Orel is the modern city. Krugly also stressed that we must not forget that "usually great wheat crops are harvested here. More than 3 million tons of grain have been harvested last year."

"This day was preceded by great work. The state program of celebrating the 450th anniversary of Orel was adopted by the President of the Russian Federation five years ago. It included a lot of new construction projects, as well as the reconstruction of many cultural and social facilities," the senator said.

"But still, the main attention was given to maternity and childcare medical institutions. Two beautiful units of the Orel perinatal center and the Orel children's hospital were built," the senator noted.

"In conclusion I would say that the greatest asset of our city is our citizens. Very good, very sincere people, who are behind the glory and fame of our city, live here. I heartily congratulate everyone on this wonderful day and wish you good health and success. Our winged city is celebrating its anniversary on the rise," Vladimir Krugly concluded.


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