Vladimir Vasiliev: Dagestan and Azerbaijan fated to friendship and cooperation

Vladimir Vasiliev: Dagestan and Azerbaijan fated to friendship and cooperation

Azerbaijan is Russia's friendly country, with which Dagestan has very close ties, the acting head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev said, answering a question from Vestnik Kavkaza at a joint press conference with the head of the Russian Muftis Council, mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin.

"We are historically fated to friendship and cooperation, and we will develop it in every possible way. There are prospects for development - the North-South corridor and the Caspian region. It is no coincidence that recently we laid the foundation of the bridge that will expand our communication. I am sure that  the development of our bilateral, friendly, neighborly relations is our future," the head of the republic said.

In addition, as part of the press conference, Vladimir Vasiliev and Ravil Gaynutdin answered a number of other questions. In particular, the head of Dagestan stressed that in general the state policy towards Muslims and Islamic organizations will be implemented in the former regime.

"We also noted that for the time that Vladimir Putin has been president of Russia, the authority of Muslims has grown not just inside the country, but also abroad," Vladimir Vasiliev said.

According to him, the Muslim ummah plays a huge role in Russia today. "And the role of the work that has been done in the North Caucasus, in particular in Dagestan, is great here, so we will follow this path consistently," the head of the republic specified.

For his part, Ravil Gaynutdin talked about the main directions of state-confessional cooperation in the context of modern Dagestan's problens. "The most important thing today is the preservation of the interethnic, interreligious peace so that Muslims do not give cause to offend Islam. Then representatives of other religions will respect us," he explained.

"As the respected head of the Republic of Dagestan, Vladimir Abdualiyevich, already said, we have a national leader who made the whole world community respect us, the Russians, our country. Thus, we are proud of our country, proud of our president, and we must continue build the future of our children, our grandchildren together," Ravil Gaynutdin summed up.


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