WADA considers banning Russia from 2018 Winter Olympics

WADA considers banning Russia from 2018 Winter Olympics

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) hasn't fully complied with the requirements set by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which could stand in the way of the nation's participation in the upcoming Games, the German TV channel ARD said.

According to information received by the German broadcaster, RUSADA has refuted claims about the alleged existence of a state-controlled doping program in Russia as well as denied access to the Russian athletes' test samples.

ARD said that WADA was considering the reinstatement of RUSADA's status. The decision will be announced during the upcoming Executive Committee meeting on Thursday in Seoul, the German TV channel said, citing sources.

If the Executive Committee fails to restore RUSADA's authority in accordance with the WADA's "Code Compliance," the Russian athletes run the risk of missing the next winter games in South Korea, ARD said.

The German media outlet has emphasized that the eventual decision of the WADA's Executive Committee would likely affect the fate of the Russian national team and its possible complete ban from the 2018 Winter Olympics in the South Korean province of Pyeongchang.


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