Will Sweden stop Nord Stream-2 construction?

Will Sweden stop Nord Stream-2 construction?

All parties of the Swedish parliament opposed construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline through the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Spokeswoman of the head of the EU committee, Karin Enstrem, said the EU should intervene in this process, Sveriges Radio reports. According to deputies, Nord Stream 2 won't be able to resolve the problem of energy security, but will harm the environment.

Some parliamentarians accused Russia of violating international law in Georgia, Ukraine and Crimea. They don't want Russia to build anything near Swedish coast.

In order to stop construction of this gas pipeline, Swedish authorities plan to increase production of electricity from renewable sources, Interfax reports. This way they want to reduce percentage of natural gas consumption. In addition, they are promoting a bill that will ban the Nord Stream-2 construction in the European Parliament.

Deputy director of energy policy of the Institute of Energy and Finances, Alexey Belogoriev, said in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaz that Sweden's hesitation in approval of the Nord Stream 2 ban is understandable. "Over the past several years its position on this project was pretty much the same, since Sweden is not economically interested in this project, both as consumer and in any other role. Its government doesn't participate in this project in any way," he noted. 

"Its decisions are dictated by purely geopolitical, not even interests, but concepts that exist within the Swedish political elite," he said, adding that it will be impossible for Sweden to damage the Gazprom project that has already begun.

The senior research fellow at the European Research Centre of the International Relations Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Olenchenko, speaking with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza, explained this protest of the Swedish parliament was initiated by the American lobby. "Unfortunately, like Denmark, they don't defend their own interests, they defend interests of the United States, which would like to supply its LNG to the European markets. In this case, Swedes most likely reacted to the appeal of their American allies," he believes.