Yana Churikova: Baku is a good platform for large international events

Yana Churikova: Baku is a good platform for large international events

In recent years the capital of Azerbaijan has proved itself as worthy of holding large-scale events of international significance, the well-known TV presenter Yana Churikova said today in an interview with a correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza on the sidelines of a press conference dedicated to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, which is to take place in Russia according to the decision of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

"I mean the experience of the city of Baku in conducting international events. It is a good platform, where significant international events can be organized. For example, the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Baku." Eurovision and the First European Games took place last year, Yana Churikova recalled, noting all these activities were organized very well.

"Lady Gaga sang at the opening ceremony of the First European Games. It was great both from the staging, and from the sporting point of view. The Games were perfectly organized. When I talked to athletes of the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Artistic Gymnastics, I could hear how happy they were: "I won a medal at the European Games.'' It means that the games really left a mark on the lives of athletes, as well on the cultural life,'' Yana Churikova noted.

In general, the TV presenter spoke with great warmth about Baku. "I've been there a few times quite recently. I don't remember the old Baku, which I saw in archival footage when we prepared a program about Muslim Magomedovich Magomayev, as well as cultural relations in the Soviet Union. But for me, as a Soviet child, it was very important that we were together. Dialogue is the primary thing for me. A resident of Baku is a definition. I have a lot of friends who are residents of Baku, and they have different ethnic backgrounds, that is why I have never had any conflict of interests. We are always for a dialogue of cultures,'' she said.

"Every time I travel to Baku and tell people about Ateshgah, about the village of Paskal, some areas of Baku. Residents of Baku look at me and say that they have never been there. And I tell them how the Azerbaijanis make kelagai handkerchiefs, because they are in my wardrobe. It is a really beautiful and unique handmade thing. So I am familiar with the culture and history of Azerbaijan, I am sympathetic to Baku in its new architectural transformation. Certainly, I tried to guess the riddle of the Maiden Tower, like all decent tourists. I was trying to find out if it is an observatory or not. Baku is a good tourist destination, where people can go, and the city will be understandable and interesting for them," Yana Churikova said.

The TV presenter also noted that the Azerbaijani youth organization of Russia may participate in preparations for the International Festival of Youth and Students. "I think that AMOR will take part in the preparation process as the youth organization of our country. Because here we have to gather all the creative forces of youth organizations in our country. It's a huge mission and we should be together," she said.