Yerevan municipality explains disorder in transport service

 Yerevan municipality explains disorder in transport service

Employers at Yerevan Bus CJSC, which services one of the segments of the Armenian capital’s public transport network, went on strike this morning in a protest against replacement of the head of the company, the city municipality’s spokesman Hakob Karapetyan said.

On his Facebook page, Karapetyan wrote that the strike was prompted by some drivers’ fear that the planned changes in the company, particularly replacement of its head, might worsen their work conditions. 

The municipality spokesman also said that Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan has met yesterday with Ruben Sargsyan, acting head of Yerevan Bus CJSC and it has become known that 19 transportation lines have 180 buses, but some 70 of them are not used. 

They will be put in use soon and the city network will be replenished with new routs until a new transport system is implemented in Yerevan, Karapetyan said, adding that some other changes, such as technical modernization and attraction of new employees, are planned as well, ARKA reported.

In his words, Marutyan assured the employees that no jobs will be cut in the company, and labor conditions will be improved, not worsened. But despite that, the drivers insisted on reappointment on their former boss. Nevertheless, regular servicing of the routs resumed a little later.