Youth evaluates Putin's work

 Youth evaluates Putin's work

The ‘Public Opinion’ Foundation has published the results of a poll conducted among Russian youth on the eve of the opening of the Russian People's Front forum in Yalta.

According to the poll results, published at the organization's website, the Russian President Vladimir Putin is managing well his presidential duties and people do not plan going to rallies.

76% of young people approved the Vladimir Putin’s work as a president, 12% rated the president's work as 'bad' and 12% found it difficult to answer the question.

79% of young people have no desire to participate in rallies or political actions.

Almost half of respondents (48%) believes that in general today Russia is developing in the right direction. They explained such an opinion by a growing image of the country, the right course in the international politics (8%), the development and changes for the better (8%) and the solution of economic problems (5%), RIA Novosti reports.

21% of respondents, commenting on the negative evaluation of the course, believe that the president and the government have chosen the "wrong" way. They mentioned "a low standard of living", "growing poverty" and "a bad social policy" (4%) in the country, "economic problems" (4%).

When asked about negative developments the young people mentioned lack of necessary care for certain social groups and people in general (14%), small salaries, pensions and low living standards (11%), corruption (7%), an increase in prices and tariffs (7%).

The Foundation ‘Public Opinion’ said that 34% of youth are interested in politics.

1500 adult citizens of the Russian Federation from 104 settlements in 53 regions participated in the poll. The margin of error is within 3.6%.


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