Zarif: Iran open to dialogue with Riyadh

Zarif: Iran open to dialogue with Riyadh

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif lashed out at Saudi Arabia for its "destructive" regional policies, warning that Riyadh's approach has even harmed its own interests.

"Iran has always urged good ties with its neighbors but we believe that Saudi Arabia's policies in the region have been destructive and have even harmed the country," Farsnews cited Zarif as saying.

Stressing the need for Saudi Arabia to change its regional views, he said, "In such a case we will come at a stage that practical measures to improve relations between the two countries will be possible."

“We have always emphasized that we are ready for a dialogue with Saudi Arabia to resolve the crises in the region, whereas Riyadh unfortunately did not do this and sees its interests in creating tension in the region,” Zarif stressed.