10% of Georgian population considers itself prosperous

10% of Georgians consider themselves prosperous, the Gallup Center said after holding polls in 124 states, questioning prosperity and expectations for the coming 5 years, Georgia Online reports.

Gallup split the results into three groups: a prosperous life, a fight for survival and a life of suffering.
66% of Georgians fight for survival, 24% suffer.

Gallup says that polls demonstrate 12% of Armenians consider themselves prosperous, 54% fight for survival and 34% have a life of suffering.

The indicators in Azerbaijan show that 10% of the population consider themselves prosperous, 70% fight for survival and 20% are suffering.

Polling in 19 out of 124 states demonstrates a high number of prosperous populations. Denmark is leading the list, with 72% of the population considering themselves prosperous. The list continues with Sweden – 69%, Australia – 65%, Finland – 64%, Venezuela – 64%, USA – 59%, Costa Rica – 58%, Brazil – 57%.

The lowest position in the list belongs to Chad, where only 1% of the population considers itself to be prosperous.