Shirvanshah Palace ruins found in Shamakh

Shirvanshah Palace ruins found in Shamakh

The largest palace of the Shirvanshahs, about 1000 years old, has been found in the Azerbaijani town of Shamakh, APA reports.

Shirzad Ahmedov, head of the Shamakh Archeological Expedition of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the Azerbaijani NAS, said that the palace was found during construction of middle school N1. It is a palace from the 11-12th centuries. It has an area of 900 square meters. Its walls are 2.5 meters thick and 4 meters tall.

7-8 m of the palace was destroyed by earthquakes, attacks and people. About 100 sq. m were under the school. The palace was destroyed in 1939-1946. 7 of the palace's 13 pipelines were used as chimneys. The earthquake in 1192 killed the family of Ahsitan I, who was in Beylagan at the time.

Shamakh has mosques, bridges, bathhouses, caravan-sarais, the Gyundeymez fortifications and the fortresses of Gulistan, Gushchu and Bashybagly of the Shirvanshah era.


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