Jewish Cultural Museum opens in Moscow

Jewish Cultural Museum opens in Moscow

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have attended the opening of the Tolerance Museum of Jewish culture in Moscow.

Peres said that he had been born in Russia. He noted that Jewish communities in Russia had many joyful moments but were unofficially persecuted.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s letter was read out at the opening. He called it a tribute to moral responsibility and memory about the Holocaust.

Press secretary of the Russian president Olga Shuravlyova said that the museum should demonstrate the Jewish culture and history of Russia.

The museum covers 8500 square meters, being one of the world’s largest museums. It has interactive displays. It was mainly built using donations. It was founded at a historic building of the 1920s Putin granted the federation of the Russian-Jewish community in 2001.