Azerbaijan’s Elchin Azizov sings Duke Igor opera in Moscow

Azerbaijan’s Elchin Azizov sings Duke Igor opera in Moscow


Azerbaijani singer Elchin Azizov sung as Igor Svyatoslavich of the Duke Igor opera at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow last weekend.

Azizov is an Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan, the first solo singer from Azerbaijan to perform at the Bolshoi Theater. He was born in Baku in 1975. He graduated at the Azerbaijani State University of Culture and Art as a film director in 1997. He was a member of the Parni iz Baku team of KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive) in 1992-2001. He was the champion of the KVN Higher League in 1992, winner of the KVN Summer Cup in 1995, winner of the KVN Super Cup the Team of the Year in 2000. He entered the Mozarteum Summer Academy in Saltsburg in August 2005. He worked with Alessandro Mishashi in 2006-2007. He practiced at the Opera Studio of the Baku Music Academy in 2005-2007 under supervision of Azad Aliyev. He was a trainee at the Center for Singing of Galina Vishnevskaya since 2007, a solo singer of the opera group of the Bolshoi Theater. He performed in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Archangelsk, Vienna, Saltsburg, Milan, Paris, Rabat, Washington, Monte Carlo. He is a laureate of the 3rd International Contest of Bul-Bul (2005), Medal of the International Union of Musicians (Moscow, 2006), 2nd International Contest of Opera Artists of Galina Vishnevskaya (Moscow, 2008).



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