Armenia reconstructs crossing points at border with Georgia

18 February 2011 - 11:47am

The Armenian government has approved the reconstruction of three
crossing points on the Armenian-Georgian border: Bagratashen, Gogavan
and Bavra, Georgia Online cites the press-service of Armenian
government as saying.

The Bagratashen crossing point is one of the country's busiest border
crossing points. 419,000 people and 134,000 tons of cargo crossed the
point in 2010. It is located 220 km from Yerevan and 1 km away from
Bagratashen village. Gogavan crossing point is 30 km away from
Stepanavan, near Gogavan village. It had 80,000 people and some 8,000
tons of cargo cross the border.

Bavra sees 57,000-59,000 tons of cargo crossing the border annually.
It had 541,000 passengers in 2010. Armenian National Security
Secretary Artur Bagdasaryan said in January that the processes of
improving border security, modernization of infrastructure and the
complex management of the border a priority for Armenia.

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