Airlines of Dagestan stops ticket sales

The Airlines of Dagestan has halted ticket sales due to its inability to prolong ts license, RIA Novosti reports.

The certificate expired at midnight on December 16. The Russian Federal Agency for Air Transport refused to prolong it. Passengers who purchased tickets do not need to return them, they will be serviced by the Tatar Airlines.

The Russian Federal Agency for Property Management said in February 2011 that 100% of shares of the charter capital of the Airlines of Dagestan belonged to the government. The shares were to be sold at an auction as a single lot for 790 million rubles.

The company’s short-term obligations were worth 442.444 million rubles on September 30, 2010, with a debt of 273.926 million rubles. The company had 11 planes: three Tu-154Ms, a Tu-154B-2s, two Tu-134Bs, an An-24RV, Mi-8 and Mi-8MTV helicopters.

Staff of the Airlines of Dagestan started protests demanding prolongation of certificate. Iosif Likhtman, Assistant Director General of the company, said that the staff is disrupting the process of certificate replacement, which has been ongoing for over a month, when it usually takes 5 days.

Abdulla Angutayev, Acting Director General, said that the unofficial reason for declining prolongation is that the Domodedovo Airport considers it an unprofitable enterprise.